A bit about me

Hi, I'm Kelsie Pettit.

Language professional by day, cat wrangler by night.

Wait, what?

I rescued three cats and I train them. That’s right – it is possible to train a cat!

But enough about my CAT tools. Here’s what you really wanted to know:

I'm a qualified and highly experienced linguist, in the business since 2016.

I’ve built a reputation for specialist translation and copy editing services that go above and beyond, meaning I enjoy repeat work with a select group of amazing clients. Think we’re a good fit? Get in touch to grab your space on my client roster.

I’m a full member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists.

I passed the CIOL Diploma in Translation with two merits and one distinction. Pieces of paper aren’t everything, but this one’s the gold standard in the translation industry. Check my details here.

Born and raised in a picturesque seaside town in Scotland, I was determined to shed the ‘Brits are bad at languages’ label.

I took myself to Spain in 2015, living for extended periods in Ciudad Real and Barcelona before cutting my translation teeth in Donostia-San Sebastián. For some, Donostia is synonymous with pintxos. For me, it was a chance to flex my swimming muscles in the seasonal open water events. That, and the climate was more suited to my Scottish blood, but with the added guarantee of a real summer.

I'm currently exploring life in central Europe.

When I’m not at my desk or puzzling over Czech grammatical cases, you’ll find me walking in the forest, doing laps in the pool, knitting cosy jumpers from Shetland wool or clicker training with my three feline students.

Let’s talk!

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