New webinar attended: The secret to a successful grant application

There are many reasons why a grant proposal might get rejected. Key among them is the readability of the proposal itself.

When we effectively communicate our ideas, we stand a better chance of convincing our target audience – potential funders in this case – of the merit of our arguments. Failure to do so could mean a grant proposal is rejected right off the bat.

Dr Gareth Dike covered the importance of effective writing and more in a webinar from scientifyResearch and Reviewer Credits on successful grant writing. He shared key insights into what funders are looking for and how to boost the chances of securing grant funding.

My specialist editing services for academia can help you get your grant proposal fighting fit before it has its moment with the reviewers. We’ll work together on the structure of your proposal, and I’ll refine and polish the writing in English.

Find out how I can help you craft a compelling grant proposal.

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