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I’m a former Parliamentary and Media Officer with the Royal College of Nursing in Scotland. I lobbied the Scottish Parliament and kept the media spotlight on issues affecting nursing practice and patient care.

I’ve since developed a comprehensive medical translation portfolio, not to mention skill in editing scientific and medical texts. Here’s a snapshot of what I’ve been up to recently:

I'm particularly interested in:

I can help you with:

Kelsie is an exceptional professional. She has an excellent command not only of English medical and scientific language but of the structures, concepts and types of writing in scientific publications and dissemination. She's indispensable!
Deborah Moreno-Alonso MD PhD
Manager of e-oncología and Lead Doctor for Palliative Care R&D, Catalan Institute of Oncology

Are you a medical research institute applying for grant funding? A researcher looking to publish soon?

Perhaps you’re a specialist medical translation agency looking to expand your pool of expert freelancers. Whatever your role in the medical community, if you need a specialist Spanish to English medical translator or copy editor, get in touch.

Writing directly in English but need language support?

Getting your English medical content ready for publication doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth. Find out more.

Need four eyes on your content?

No problem. I can bring in the services of a trusted medical editor when the stakes are really high. We’ll discuss the full scope of your project before diving in.

Get in touch to discuss your upcoming medical translation project.


I’ve worked on print and digital content for major players in the education sector. Don’t just take my word for it – check out what my happy clients have to say.

As a CELTA-trained teacher of English as a foreign language, I know my way around the CEFR levels and I have extensive experience translating and adapting Spanish education content for the CLIL market.

I'm particularly excited to work with:

I use Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools to ensure quality remains high across all content in wide-reaching publishing projects. If you need translation in InCopy, that’s fine too.

Wherever you are in the world of education, we’ll bring your content to life in plain language that is anything but plain.

Kelsie became our educational content translator in 2019, as she was the go-to translator of our partner Macmillan Education. The experience could not have been more positive since then: she is meticulous, committed, flexible and fully trustworthy, always providing comments or suggestions that go beyond a simple translation. Due to her professionalism, I would recommend her services to any company and, based on our experience, especially those in the EdTech sector.
Marina Ramírez Carrascosa
Director of Marketing and Communication, BQ Educación

We'll discuss your goals right at the start so that the tone and register of your English-language content appeal to your target readers.


When you communicate your research story effectively, readers know instantly why your work matters. I love helping medical, life sciences and pedagogy experts rework their content to get it publication-ready.

My copy editing services have helped clients secure grant funding for a variety of medical projects and initiatives. If you’re working on an academic manuscript, a high-stakes grant application or content for a lay audience, I’ve got you covered.

Looking to publish soon?

I can help you communicate your research in plain language. I’ll cut the clutter so your results take centre stage, without dumbing down the science.

Many researchers simply do not enjoy writing.
Thankfully, I do!

My copy editing services can boost the chances of your paper being accepted for review and eliminate poor writing as a reason for rejection. If you’ve cleared the first hurdle and received feedback from peer review, I’ll work with you to address the reviewers’ comments and get your manuscript fighting fit for resubmission.

Kelsie has been reviewing medical documentation and translating it into English for us for more than 5 years. She has played a vital role in helping us prepare a variety of grant applications for our continuing medical education initiatives. The quality of her work and her involvement have been key factors in our success rate. Kelsie has also translated and adapted online medical training courses into English. In addition to the standard of her work, Kelsie is extremely rigorous when it comes to meeting deadlines.
Assumpta Company Serrat
Emeritus Consultant e-oncología, Catalan Institute of Oncology

Why plain language?

There’s a time and a place for florid language, and there’s knowing when to rein it in.

Plain language is your best friend when you have an important message to get across.

Big words and complex turns of phrase may sound impressive to some ears, but they can be a massive turn-off to others.

Plain language is about writing with your target audience in mind, avoiding unnecessarily complex words and phrases and organising your information logically. It does not mean you have to sacrifice creativity or dumb down your message.

If English isn’t your first language, or if you’re a native speaker in need of writing support, I’m here to guide you.

I’ll help take the stress out of preparing your English-language content for its intended audience. If you’re working on a grant application, a scholarly work, training material, patient-facing health information or anything else, get in touch today.


My winning combo? Eight years’ experience on the translation front line, plus stellar organizational skills. And I don’t mind being something of a taskmaster (in the best sense of the word).

I know my way around the industry tools and I love adding new skills to my portfolio. If you have a translation project in need of a manager, I’m all ears.

The relationships a company nurtures with its suppliers are just as important as the relationship with the end client. The best results are achieved by nurturing long-term, respectful collaborations with skilled professionals. Companies that consistently meet their financial obligations towards their suppliers are welcome to contact me.

Got a project starting soon and the deadline’s already yesterday? Don’t waste any more time – book a call with me today. Let’s find out if I’m a good fit to take the reins of your next bilingual or multilingual project.

I worked with Kelsie during my time at Grupo SM. Kelsie was the project manager for a complex and demanding project involving multiple books, authors, translators and editors. She is extremely efficient, detailed-oriented and hard-working. She joined the project part-way through, her problem solving skills, focus and energy were fundamental in making it a success. She is a pleasure to work with!
Morag Gunson
Former Editor, Grupo SM

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